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As a graduate from St. George's Univeristy, Dr. Natalie completed an ambulatory and surgical internship at Rhinebeck Equine. It was the experience and knowledge she gained during her internship that led Dr. Natalie to pursue certification in integrative therapies. She is a certified veterinary acupuncturist (CVA), trained through the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Natalie is also certified in animal chiropractic through Options for Animals Chiropractic College and equine kinesiology taping through Equi-Tape, the first kinesiology tape created specifically for horses. Most recently Dr. Natalie became an approved provider for The Assisi Loop.

Growing up Dr. Natalie was avid in 4-H in various horse, poultry, rabbit and teen clubs.  Later she was a member and captain of the URI Equestrian Team, competing in the Novice and Intermediate divisions. In her free time Dr. Natalie enjoys making memories with her husband, Jim, their son and two Great Danes.

Natalie Diamanti, DVM, CVA
Certified in Animal Chiropractic and Equine Kinesiology Taping




Keeping horses biomechanically sound allows them to perform at their best. I was sent this photo of my client and patient who I treat every 4-6 weeks as part of a maintenance program. Way to go!!

"Dr. Natalie has done a great job with my horse, Valentino. Val is receiving both chiropractic care and acupuncture for some back sensitivity. As a young OTTB, he can get a little nervous. As Dr. Natalie has worked with him he has been responding well to his treatments and no longer requires the lip chain he once need during his acupuncture! Overall, Val has become less sensitive and sore. I highly recommend Dr. Natalie!" ~ Tracy Venier, DVM

"Dr. Natalie has been giving my horse CL chiropractic and acupuncture treatments for over six months now and they have worked wonders for him. CL is a 25 year old semi-retired cutting horse with multiple issues such as neck and ankle arthritis. The chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture really help him feel more comfortable and I am able to notice an immediate difference as he is more enthusiastic and forward when being ridden. Even though he is a very stoic guy and sometimes doesn’t show a lot of reaction on palpation and exam, Dr. Natalie still gives him a thorough treatment taking his clinical history into consideration. I am especially appreciative that she brings special needles for acupuncture on his very painful areas such as his neck in addition to her traditional needles. I highly recommend Dr. Natalie to anyone considering chiropractic and acupuncture for their horse or horses!" ~Katie Borell

Dr. Natalie has managed to save two of our beloved pets. Jill our 9 yr old standard poodle severely injured her back in a fall because of her other medical conditions surgery was not an option. Acupuncture proved to be a God send week after week Jill's pain was reduced and her mobility improved after 6 weeks she was back to normal and now on a maintenance schedule is better then before her injury. Jill greets Dr. N and runs to her bed for her treatment. Secondly and most miraculously our 12 year female DSH cat Melissa was plagued with chronic obstipation a.k.a. life threatening constipation. Weeks in the hospital, maximal doses of medication, prescription diets we were barely moving things along. After a single acupuncture treatment we were blessed with a healthy BM the very next morning now on once a week treatment we are progressing beautifully. Melissa loves her treatments too, she looks like a very happy porcupine Every patient that has been treated at Goldens Bridge Veterinary Care Center has improved and we are so grateful for our association with Dr. Natalie." ~Lisa DeCarlo-Immerblum - Hospital Administrator at Golden's Bridge Veterinary Care Center

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