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Why Use Pegasus Veterinary Services?
  • Performance Enhancement

  • Lameness Issues

  • Conditioning Issues

  • Improving and/or speeding up recovery.

  • Acute or Chronic pain issues and the list goes on....

What is Performance Enhancement?

We all have had performance and training problems, undiagnosed on again off again lameness issues and we try medication, injections, supplements, time off, chiropractor, massage and the list goes on.

Dr. Natalie can take a more "integrated" approach to both evaluating and treating your horse's wellbeing because she has all the credentials & experience to do it!


"Performance enhancement is merely helping your horse do physical what it already strives to do mentally." Most training issues are merely physical issues "in disguise".  We have all experience this while training or conditioning.  It often appears in the form of 

  • Stopping @ jumps

  • Difficulty staying on a lead

  • Difficulty with collected work

  • Por attitude or unwillingness to work

  • Poor body condition or difficulty conditioning


We can help zero in on the cause of your performance issues and we then have the ability to target the correct therapy treatment for the best, faster & most affordable results!


How can we save you time and money?!

Dr. Natalie is a trained and licensed veterinarian with additional certifications in animal chiropractic and veterinary acupuncture.  These qualifications allows her to asses your horse (or small animal) in multiple facets, make recommendations pertaining to medications, nutrition and further diagnostics performed by your regular veterinarian and provide an appropriate and well rounded approach to integrative therapies. Her ultimate goal is to get your horse performing at their individual best on a maintenance schedule specific for their level of work and helping you stay within your budget.

Here is an example of how Dr. Natalie's expertise could work best for your horse - Your horse has been battling a chronic injury which has lead to a sore back and tight muscles.  You call Dr. Natalie and have her come out for an evaluation.  She determines a combination treatment of acupuncture and chiropractic would be the best course of action.  The combination of acupuncture and chiropractic help to enhance the overall goal of reducing pain, restoring proper motion to the spine and function to the nervous system.  Due to the chronic nature of the injury it is best for Horse B to be treated a few times so that the results of the treatments build on each other and last longer after each session.  The ultimate goal is to get to a maintenance schedule.  She also recommends the use of the Assisi Loop in-between treatments to help with residual pain and inflammation. 

As you can see from this example, Dr. Natalie was able to treat your horse with up to three procedures in one visit, compared to you having to call 2-3 professionals to treat the same chronic problem!

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